January is always a slow month for the beer industry, with many people deciding to take a break from drinking after the excesses of December. However this makes it a hard month for small independent breweries that we’re so keen to support.

Tryanuary is your opportunity to support these businesses by trying something new or different. Come in to the shop and have a chat with us about the beers we stock, and pick out something you’ve never had before.

At Vessel Beer Shop we are going to put on three events during January to support this cause.

On Saturday 7th January we will hold another tasting event. This time we will provide five different beers for £10, along with a chat about the breweries and beers. http://www.vesselbeer.co.uk/event/tryanuary-beer-tasting-1/

On Friday 20th January we will do our first bottle share event. This will be a free ticketed event, where all the attendees will bring beer from their own collection to share with the rest of the group. http://www.vesselbeer.co.uk/event/tryanuary-bottle-share/

On Sunday 29th we will do our final Tryanuary tasting event with another selection of interesting beers from our range this time the cost will be £15 as we push the boat out to end the month. http://www.vesselbeer.co.uk/event/tryanuary-beer-tasting-2/

Further information on these events, including how to book your place, can be found in the Events section of the website.

We believe that exploration is a better New Year’s resolution than deprivation, and Tryanuary is a great opportunity to explore beer styles or breweries you’ve never tried before.