Beer List 02.05.19


Thirty four new beers and ciders on the list today. Includes cans of Deya, Verdant and Northern Monk as well as a brand new 3 Fonteinen honey gueuze.

Low/New Brewery Beer Style Vessel Size ABV
NEW 3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston & Honey June 2018 Gueze Bottle 375ml 6.80%
  3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston Jan 2018 Gueze Bottle 375ml 5.50%
LOW 3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston March 2018 Gueze Bottle 750ml 5.70%
LOW 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze March 2018 Gueze Bottle 375ml 5.50%
LOW 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze March 2018 Gueze Bottle 750ml 5.40%
  3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze Oct 2017 Gueze Bottle 375ml 5.30%
LOW 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek Dec 2017 Gueze Bottle 375ml 6.00%
  Aecht Schlenkerla Lager Smoked Bottle 500ml 4.90%
  Aecht Schlenkerla Marzen Smoked Bottle 500ml 5.10%
  Aecht Schlenkerla Weizen Smoked Bottle 500ml 5.20%
LOW Alphabet Flat White White Stout Can 330ml 7.40%
NEW Ayinger Maibock Maibock Bottle 500ml 6.90%
  Boon Oude Kirek Kriek Bottle 375ml 6.50%
LOW Brasserie de Blaugies La Bière Darbyste Belgian Ale Bottle 750ml 5.80%
LOW Burning Sky Monolith Vintage Imperial Stout Bottle 750ml 8.50%
  Burning Sky Saison De Peche Fruit Sour Bottle 750ml 6.30%
LOW Buxton Clawtrack IPA Can 440ml 6.80%
  Buxton Coral Castle Imperial Stout Can 440ml 8.50%
  Cloudwater All Season Helles Lager Can 440ml 4.80%
  De Haave Maan Bruges Zot Blonde Belgian Blonde Bottle 750ml 6.00%
  De Molen Cliffhanger Smoked Dopplebock Bottle 330ml 8.00%
LOW De Molen Fair & Feat Tonka Quadruple Bottle 330ml 9.20%
  De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Bowmore BA Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 10.50%
LOW De Molen Music and Magic Session IPA Bottle 330ml 2.80%
  De Molen Rasputin Bowmore BA Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 10.50%
  De Molen Said & Done Bowmore BA Sour Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 10.40%
  De Molen Spanning & Sensatie Chilli Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 9.80%
  De Molen Tsarina Esra BA Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 11.90%
  De Molen Zwart & Zwaar Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 12.80%
  Deliruim Red Fruit Beer Bottle 330ml 8.00%
  Deus Deus Champagne Belgian Ale Bottle 750ml 11.50%
NEW Deya Disrespect Flag Pale Ale Can 500ml 5.20%
NEW Deya Dust Broom Pale Ale Can 500ml 5.80%
NEW Deya Into The Haze IPA Can 500ml 6.20%
LOW Dupont Bons Voyeux Saison Bottle 375ml 9.50%
  Dupont Saison Dupont Saison Bottle 750ml 6.50%
  Duration Ebb & Flow Stout Can 440ml 6.50%
LOW Evil Twin Even More Jesus Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Bottle 660ml 12.00%
  Fierce Mocha VBM Imperial Stout Can 330ml 12.00%
LOW Firestone Walker Agrestic Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 375ml 6.60%
LOW Firestone Walker Bretta Rose Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 375ml 5.30%
LOW Firestone Walker Krieky Bones Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 375ml 6.10%
LOW Firestone Walker Sloambic Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 375ml 6.00%
NEW Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA Can 355ml 7.00%
  Frontaal Amber Amber Ale Bottle 330ml 5.00%
  Frontaal Billiard Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 10.10%
  Frontaal Deer Hunter Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 13.40%
  Frontaal East Pale Ale Bottle 330ml 4.30%
  Frontaal Tea Party Earl Grey IPA Bottle 330ml 5.70%
  Fyne x Beerbliotek Beer/Life Balance Saison Can 330ml 4.00%
  Gadds Ramsgate x Pohjala Spread of Democracy Baltic Porter Can 330ml 5.70%
  Ganstaller Affumicator Smoked Dopplebock Bottle 330ml 9.60%
  Ganstaller Rauch Royal Smoked Imperial Lager Bottle 330ml 8.20%
  Girardin Black Label Gueze Bottle 375ml 5.00%
LOW Girardin Framboise Framboise Bottle 375ml 5.00%
LOW Gosnells Hopped Mead Mead Bottle 330ml 5.50%
  Gregg’s Pit Yarlington Mill & Dabinett fine cider 2017 Cider Bottle 375ml 6.50%
  Gypsy Hill x To Ol Envoy Sour Can 330ml 4.00%
LOW Haand Haandbakk Flemish Red Bottle 750ml 6.70%
LOW Het Uiltje Bee Keeper Honey Porter Bottle 330ml 6.50%
NEW Het Uiltje Cascade Green Sweater Double IPA Can 330ml 8.00%
LOW Het Uiltje Mind Your Step Stroopwaffle Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 14.50%
LOW Het Uiltje Rakau Red Panda Red Ale Can 440ml 5.50%
  Het Uiltje Sequence Series 3 Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 12.20%
NEW Het Uiltje Trackdown Pale Ale Can 330ml 5.60%
NEW Hitachino/Beavertown Yoroshima Yuzu IPA Can 350ml 6.00%
LOW Karmeliet Tripel Tripel Bottle 330ml 8.40%
LOW Kasteel Rouge Cherry Belgian Can 500ml 8.00%
LOW Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Brandy Imperial Stout Can 330ml 11.50%
LOW Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Heaven Hill Imperial Stout Can 330ml 11.50%
  Kees DDDDHHHH Double IPA Can 330ml 9.10%
  Kees Hazy Sunrise IPA Can 330ml 7.10%
  Kees Pale Citra Pale Ale Can 330ml 4.60%
LOW Kees/Moor Justin Kees Double IPA Can 330ml 8.80%
LOW Kernel Biere de Saison Damson Saison Bottle 750ml 4.60%
  Left Handed Giant After The Storm Imperial Stout Can 440ml 8.30%
LOW Left Handed Giant All Day Long IPA Can 440ml 6.80%
NEW Left Handed Giant Cheeseburger Cavalary IPA Can 440ml 6.80%
NEW Left Handed Giant Moving Parts IPA Can 440ml 6.80%
LOW Left Handed Giant Run Right Back Sour Can 440ml 5.00%
  Left Handed Giant There, There IPA Can 440ml 6.50%
LOW Left Handed Giant/Duration Minority Stake IPA Can 440ml 6.10%
  Little Earth Castlings Heath Organic Dry Cider Cider Bottle 330ml 7.40%
  Little Earth Zingibier Ginger Sour Bottle 330ml 5.00%
LOW Little Pomona The Old Man & The Bee 2016 Cider Bottle 375ml 7.00%
LOW Loka Polly Cassie Imperial Stout Can 440ml 10.40%
  Loka Polly Chinook Mosaic IPA Can 440ml 6.30%
  Loka Polly Citra El Dorado Pale Ale Can 440ml 5.10%
  Loka Polly Fill & Avoid IPA Can 440ml 6.30%
  Loka Polly Mosaic Simcoe DIPA Can 440ml 8.20%
  Loka Polly Wilt Double IPA Can 440ml 10.40%
  Lost & Grounded Keller Pils Lager Can 440ml 4.90%
  Lost & Grounded Long Story Short Table Beer Can 440ml 3.50%
  Lost & Grounded No Rest For Dancers Red Ale Bottle 330ml 6.20%
  Lost & Grounded Running With Sceptres Hoppy Lager Can 440ml 5.20%
  Lost & Grounded/Mahrs Donkey Vote Marzen Can 440ml 5.20%
LOW Magic Rock Common Grounds Coffee Porter Can 330ml 5.40%
  Magic Rock Fantasma Gluten Free IPA Can 330ml 6.50%
LOW Magic Rock Inhaler Session IPA Can 330ml 4.30%
LOW Magic Rock Saucery Pale Ale Can 330ml 3.90%
LOW Magic Rock Strongman Bourbon Barley Wine Bottle 750ml 11.50%
LOW Magic Rock Strongman Rye Barley Wine Bottle 750ml 11.50%
  Magic Rock/Bagby Californishire Pale Ale Can 500ml 4.70%
  Marble Decadence 2018 Imperial Stout Can 330ml 10.50%
LOW Marble Manchester Bitter Bitter Can 500ml 4.20%
  Marble Pint Pale Ale Can 500ml 3.90%
NEW Maredsous Tripel Tripel Bottle 330ml 10.00%
  Modern Times Batch 1000 Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 750ml 10.00%
LOW Modern Times Devils Teeth Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout Bottle 660ml 11.00%
LOW Modern Times Funky Universal Friend Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 750ml 7.40%
  Modern Times Kingdom of Dolls Barrel Aged Sour Bottle 750ml 6.30%
  Modern Times Mosters Park BA Imperial Stout Bottle 660ml 13.70%
LOW Modern Times Symmetric Orchestra Blueberries & Blackcurrant Sour Bottle 750ml 7.30%
  Mongozo Banana Fruit Beer Bottle 330ml 3.60%
  Mongozo Coconut Fruit Beer Bottle 330ml 3.60%
  Moor Old Freddy Walker Old Ale Can 330ml 7.30%
  Nevel Bries Sour Bottle 375ml 6.20%
  Nevel Einder Sour Bottle 375ml 5.50%
  Nevel Loof Sour Bottle 750ml 5.60%
  New Lion/Wild Weather Chestnut Milk Stout Imperial Stout Bottle 330ml 8.00%
  North Brew Co Sputnik Pale Ale Can 330ml 5.00%
  North Brew Co Transmission IPA Can 330ml 6.80%
NEW Northern Monk Dale Head Session IPA Can 440ml 3.50%
NEW Northern Monk Death Imperial Stout Can 440ml 12.00%
  Northern Monk Divine Right Of Kings Imperial Sout Can 330ml 9.80%
  Northern Monk Faith Pale Ale Can 440ml 5.40%
  Northern Monk Farewell Tangerina Sour Can 440ml 5.70%
NEW Northern Monk Glory Triple IPA Can 440ml 10.50%
  Northern Monk Guava Have Faith Pale Ale Can 440ml 5.40%
  Northern Monk Heathen IPA Can 440ml 7.20%
NEW Northern Monk Henderson’s Relish Spicy Porter Can 440ml 5.00%
NEW Northern Monk INSA AAA Triple Dry Hopped IPA Can 440ml 6.50%
  Northern Monk Origin Gluten Free IPA Can 330ml 5.90%
NEW Northern Monk Salted Caramel Star Coffee Porter Can 440ml 5.20%
NEW Northern Monk Sesimic Shift Double IPA Can 440ml 8.50%
NEW O/O Narangi IPA Can 330ml 6.50%
LOW Odyssey Beyond The Marches IPA Can 440ml 7.00%
LOW Odyssey Borderlands IPA Can 440ml 6.50%
LOW Oliver’s At The Hop #8 Perry Perry Bottle 500ml 5.50%
LOW Oliver’s Dry Season 2013 Cider Bottle 750ml 5.30%
LOW Oliver’s Gold Rush #6 Cider Bottle 330ml 6.50%
  Oliver’s Medium Fine Season 2014 Cider Bottle 750ml 4.00%
  Oliver’s Yarlington Mill Medium Dry 2016 Cider Bottle 330ml 6.40%
  Orval Orval (bottled May 2018) Belgian Pale Bottle 330ml 6.20%
  Oud Beersel Framboise Framboise Bottle 375ml 5.00%
  Oud Beersel Vandervelden 135 Years Gueze Bottle 375ml 6.50%
LOW Padstow Jammy Doldrums Porter Can 440ml 7.00%
  Padstow Pilsner Lager Can 440ml 4.40%
  Padstow Smoke Smoked Stout Can 440ml 5.50%
LOW Paulaner Salvator Dopplebock Bottle 330ml 7.90%
  Pilton Max Lux 2014 Cider Bottle 750ml 6.00%
  Pilton Pilton Cider Bottle 375ml 6.00%
  Pilton Solstice Cider Bottle 375ml 4.50%
  Pilton Tamoshanta Cider Bottle 375ml 5.00%
  Pipeline Apres Surf Session IPA Bottle 330ml 4.70%
  Pollen Pollen Cider Bottle 375ml 6.50%
LOW Pomona Island BONBONBONBONS Table Beer Can 440ml 3.30%
  Pressure Drop Street Porter Porter Bottle 330ml 6.50%
  Rochefort 8 Dubbel Bottle 330ml 9.20%
  Rochefort 10 Quadrupel Bottle 330ml 11.30%
  Rodenbach Grand Cru Flemish Red Bottle 330ml 6.00%
  Rogue Chocolate Stout Chocolate Stout Bottle 660ml 6.80%
NEW Rogue Hazelutely Choctabulous Stout/Nut Brown Ale Blend Bottle 660ml 5.70%
NEW Ross On Wye Foxwelp Cider Bottle 500ml 6.50%
NEW Ross On Wye Gin Pear Perry Bottle 500ml 6.00%
NEW Ross On Wye Raison D’Etre Cider Bottle 750ml 8.40%
LOW Sam Smiths Apricot Fruit Beer Bottle 355ml 5.10%
  Sam Smiths Cherry Fruit Beer Bottle 355ml 5.10%
  Sam Smiths Nut Brown Ale Brown Ale Bottle 550ml 5.00%
  Sam Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout Stout Bottle 550ml 5.00%
LOW Sam Smiths Raspberry Fruit Beer Bottle 355ml 5.10%
  Sam Smiths Strawberry Fruit Beer Bottle 355ml 5.10%
  Sam Smiths Taddy Porter Porter Bottle 550ml 5.00%
LOW Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus Classic Dopplebock Bottle 330ml 14.00%
  Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbok Eisbok Bottle 330ml 12.00%
NEW Schneider Weisse Kristall Kristallweisse Bottle 500ml 5.30%
  Schneider Weisse Tap 7 Original Hefeweisse Bottle 500ml 5.40%
  Schöfferhofer Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Fruit Radler Can 500ml 2.50%
  Siren Primal Cut BA Imperial Porter Bottle 375ml 10.50%
  Siren x Kees Enrichment’ Belgian IPA IPA Bottle 330ml 5.20%
  St Bernardus ABT 12 Quadrupel Bottle 330ml 10.00%
LOW St Bernardus Christmas Christmas Beer Bottle 750ml 10.00%
  St Bernardus Extra 4 Belgian Pale Bottle 330ml 4.80%
LOW St Bernardus Wit Belgian Wit Bottle 330ml 5.50%
  The Bruery Frucht Raspberry Sour Bottle 375ml 4.60%
  The Bruery Rueze Gueze Bottle 750ml 5.80%
  The Bruery Sans Pagie Kriek Bottle 750ml 5.80%
  The Bruery Tart Of Darkness Sour Stout Bottle 750ml 6.60%
  The Bruery/Cascade One Way Or Another Fruited Sour Bottle 750ml 9.30%
  Thornbridge x Brasserie de la Senne Hazy Pale Pale Ale Bottle 330ml 5.00%
  Tilquin Gueuze Gueze Bottle 375ml 7.00%
  Titanic Plum Porter Porter Bottle 500ml 4.90%
  To Øl Free Frontier Gluten Free IPA Bottle 330ml 6.50%
  To Øl Gose To Jamrock Sour Bottle 330ml 3.80%
  To Øl Jule Mælk Cognac Imperial Stout Bottle 375ml 15.00%
  To Øl Jule Maelk Rhum Imperial Stout Bottle 375ml 15.00%
NEW To Øl Mr Blue 2019 Imperial Stout Can 500ml 10.50%
NEW To Øl Mr Brown 2019 Imperial Brown Ale Can 500ml 9.00%
LOW To Øl Sur DDH Mosaic Sour IPA Can 500ml 7.30%
NEW Two Roads Clementine Gose Gose Can 473ml 4.80%
  Tynt Meadow Trappist Old Ale Bottle 330ml 7.40%
NEW Utopian Lager Lager Can 440ml 4.70%
NEW Verdant Headband Pale Ale Can 440ml 5.50%
  Verdant Lightbulb Pale Ale Can 440ml 4.50%
NEW Verdant Maybe One More PSI? Double IPA Can 440ml 8.00%
  Verdant Too Many Opinions Water Down The Original Idea Double IPA Can 440ml 9.00%
LOW Verdant Unique Damage Double IPA Can 440ml 8.00%
NEW Verdant Wow Signal Pale Ale Can 440ml 5.50%
  Verdant/Left Handed Giant It’s Friday Tomorrow Sour Double IPA Can 440ml 8.40%
LOW Verdant/Little Leeds Bear With Me American Wheat Can 440ml 6.00%
  Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne Flemish Red Bottle 330ml 6.20%
  Victory Sour Monkey Sour Tripel Bottle 355ml 9.50%
  Wander Beyond Hold On! Imperial Stout Can 440ml 12.00%
  White Hag x Boundary Freedom of Movement Black Lager Lager Can 330ml 5.00%
  Wild Beer Millionaire Milk Stout Bottle 330ml 4.70%
  Wild Beer Modus Operandi Flemish Red Bottle 330ml 7.00%
  Wild Beer Redwood Red Ale Bottle 330ml 5.80%
LOW Wiper & True Milk Shake Stout Bottle 500ml 5.60%
  Woodman’s Wild Ale Cornish Mother Weizenbock Bottle 500ml 6.80%
  Woodman’s Wild Ale La Vie En Rose Saison Bottle 500ml 5.00%
  Woodman’s Wild Ale Queenie Weizenbock Bottle 500ml 8.10%
NEW Wylam/Deya There’s Nothing Wrong Double IPA Can 440ml 8.20%
NEW Wylam/Other Half Is There Music White IPA Can 440ml 5.80%
LOW Yonder Cache Dark Ale Bottle 375ml 5.30%
LOW Yonder Loop Apple Sour Bottle 375ml 4.70%
LOW Yonder Suki Saison Bottle 375ml 6.00%
  Zapato Doom V3 Export Stout Bottle 330ml 6.80%